Citadel Women's 7 Aside Soccer League
Welcome to Citadel Women's 7 Aside Soccer LeagueSaturday, August 30, 2014  
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Welcome to Citadel Women's 7 Aside Soccer League    


Summer 2014

Schedules and Standings

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Games for Jun 8th


v Blaz
 v  Reb
 v  Blue 
6.15pm  Sist v Lady Gaels  v  Dyn  Port  v  Bansh
  Mainland Commons
6pm  Phoen  v  Light Titans v Storm Unit v  Tsu 
7.15pm Grey  v  Wild  Free v Sting
v Hurr
  bye   SK            






Congratulations to the winners of the Winter playoffs

Division 1 - Gaels

Division 2 - Spitfires










Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the Challenge Cup and Provincials

Challenge Cup Pool A

Gold - United

Silver - Spitfires

Bronze - Tsunami

Challenge Cup Pool B

Gold - Ladybugs

Silver - Sistars

Bronze - Free Spirits


Gold - Supersonics

Silver - Bluenosers

Bronze - Hurricane

 Thank You to our organizing teams:

Challenge Cup: Tsunami & Porters Lakers

Provincials: Dynamos






Procedure for using Over 45 call-ups/downs is posted - see side menu.


If you are having problems

scoring games,updating jersey numbers etc.

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Congratulations to all the teams who participated in the Challenge Cup and Provincials 


Challenge Cup Pool A

Gold - Dynamos

Silver - Teambuy Wildcats

Bronze - Banshees

Challenge Cup Pool B

Gold - Ladybugs

Silver - Sistars

Bronze - Stingers


Gold - Gaels

Silver - Hurricanes

Bronze - Supersonics






Soccer Nova Scotia has written into its by-laws under RESTRICTIONS (also in the FIFA Laws of the game):
Other than players on the game sheet - 

Access to the team benches is limited to current year registered coaches, managers, team physiotherapist/doctors and gender-specific personnel.  All must be named on the game sheet. 
The league agrees that our teams must ensure that each team is responsible to make sure that any spectators who come the games must sit on the bleachers.  Spectators include, mothers, fathers, children of any age, husbands, boyfriends etc... so no one, unless they are registered and on your game sheet.
We know that we have alot of moms in the league and it is sometimes hard to get a sitter etc.. but these are the rules and we need to be followed. 

Thanks for your attention to this important matter!

Congratulations to all the participants in the 
Citadel Challenge Cup 

Citadel Challenge Cup September 2008





   Friday September 26th
Pool A   Pool B
Free Spirits 0  V Tsunami 4   Bluenosers 6 V Wave 0
Ladybugs 3  V Titans 1   Dynamos 2  V Sistars 2
Cruisers  3  V  Clippers 3   Greyhound 0 V Wildcats 3
Bandits 4  V Spitfires 0   Storm 4 V Scotia 0
    Saturday September 27
Cruisers 2   V  Bandits 1   Greyhounds 5 V Banshees 1
Clippers  5  V Spitfires 2   Wildcats 2 V Lightning 0
Free Spirits 2 V Ladybugs 0   Bluenosers 3 V   Dynamos 0
Tsunami 0 V Titans 0   Wave  2 V Sistars  1
Spitfires 2  V Cruisers 8   Lightning 1 V Greyhound 4
Clippers 5 V Bandits 1   Wildcats 1 V Banshees 0
Titans 0  V Free Spirits 1   Sistars 0  V Bluenosers 4
Tsunami 1  V  Ladybugs 0   Wave 1  V  Dynamos 2
  Sunday September 28th  
Semis   Semis
Tsunami 1 V Cruisers 0   Bluenosers 5 V Greyhounds 0
Clippers 4 V Free Spirits 1   Wildcats 2 V Dynamos 1 (OT)
  Bronze   Bronze
Free Spirits 2 V
Cruisers 0
  Greyhounds 3 V
Dynamos 2
    Gold   Gold
Clippers 3 V
Tsunami 2 (OT)
  Wildcats 0  V Bluenosers 4





Congratulations to SNS Provincial Winners

Friday Sept 26th

Paddy's Pub Ravens 3  V Family 1st Misfits
Gaels 2 V Red Devils 2
Hurricane  2 V  Supersonics 3
Hooters  3  V United 2
Sat Sept 27th

Hurricane 4 V Family 1st Misfits 0
Hooters 1  V Red Devils 4
Gaels  1  V  United 1
Paddys Pub Ravens  0  V Supersonics 0
Paddys Pub Ravens  4   V  Hurricane 6
Gaels    0   V  Hooters  1
United  1  V  Red Devils  1
Supersonics   2  V  Family 1st Misfits0
Sunday Sept 28th
Hooters  1  V  Hurricane  1    - overtime and PK  - Hurricane win  4-3
Supersonics  4  V  Red Devils  1
Red Devils  4  V  Hooters 2
Hurricane 5   V   Supersonics 2





Women’s 7-A-Side Soccer in Nova Scotia



Well, this is exciting news!  Women’s 7-a-side Soccer celebrates its 20th anniversary.


The League known as “N.S. Ladies 7-A-Side Recreational Soccer League” was formed in 1987 and the first executive included Bob Hiltz – President, Janet L’eceuyer – VP, Elly Archer – Treasurer and Anne Hiltz – Secretary.  Elly  still plays, in the Citadel League.


Initially the Women’s 7 aside accepted players who were 40 years of age and older, who had never played soccer and wanted to learn. The age was lowered to 30 to encourage more women to join.  The Citadel League, increased the minimum age to 35 years or older as of the 2007 season.


For the first 5 years the majority of the teams and play was in the Metro area and gradually more Valley teams joined the league. In the first few years the teams who played against each other in the league were the Baxter’s, Shannon Park, Dartmouth Clippers, Red Wave, Shoppers and Windsor Newport.


2007 is also the 20th anniversary of the Gunn Baldursson Tournament.  In its  inaugural year, 1987, SNS organized the Gunn.  SNS contacted the new league to submit teams into the tournament.  The Red Wave, coached by Bob Hiltz won the 7-a-side Division.


In 1992 a Valley league was formed, replacing the Metro league. By approximately 1997 the Valley teams grew to about 8 teams and the metro teams had dwindled to one lone team from Dartmouth. 


In Halifax, during the summer of 1997 Janet Spencer watched her kids play soccer and thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun for women to play soccer?”  Janet recruited friends and family to come out and kick the ball around once a week.   She was informed that there was a team of women over 30, in Dartmouth who played soccer. She contacted them and one of the Dartmouth players, Jeannie Warnell, came out once a week over the winter in a school gym to teach soccer to the fledgling team.


This team, the “Cruisers” would join the N.S. Ladies 7-A-Side Soccer League in 1998 and started playing soccer with the Valley league.


A member of this team, Donna Longard, became a “member at large” with a mandate to “grow” the city.   And at full speed ahead, she accomplished the task! 

The metro area exploded and it was clear that this Region needed a league of its own.


In 1999, 6 Metro teams joined the Metropolitan Indoor SL, playing winter soccer.


In 2001 a Halifax District League was created with 11 teams.  In 2002 an inter-district League encompassing the HRM was registered with joint stocks and grew to 16 teams playing in the spring, summer and winter soccer.


Women’s 7-a-side  were now played soccer  “All year round”.


In 2002, Soccer Nova Scotia hosted the first ever Provincials for Women's 7-a-side with 4 HRM teams and 1 Valley team participating.


Fast forward to the year 2007……


Citadel Women’s 7-a-side Soccer League (HRM) registered 26 teams,

Valley District registered 20 teams and in their inaugural year - 2007, Colchester County District (Truro) registered 2 teams!


How far can we grow!?


Created by: Donna L -- Last updated:Jun 15, 2014